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A Big World for A Little Lore

Lore regularly attends larps each year, and they always bring their characters to life in front of the camera! We decided to develop a fantasy character of an ambiguous species, but nevertheless intriguing with a playful spirit.

Bay becomes Frodo

Bay is a cosplayer and have also been a performer at renaissance faires. They are also a big Lord of the Rings fan so when they came to me about doing a hobbit shoot, I knew I wanted it to give an air of discovery and dreaminess.

Lexi's Painting Fantasy

Lexi is a fellow photographer and actor. Working with her is always a dream and when she came up with the Plein Air Painting session, I couldn't wait to get us to the water.

I wanted her portrait films to feel like something from a Ghibli Animated Film.

Largescale Video Productions

Above is the second video project I've produced with renowned larper

Raquel Skellington. This is an example of what a larger video production

looks like with my company Ever Films.

If you're interested in working with me on a largescale video production such as this one,

please send an inquiry to my email and I will send you my rates.