Storytelling is our greatest gift.

Each of us is capable of powerful expression, and it comes from our unique perspectives of life. I want to bring my cinematic eye to your story. Let's tell it together.

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About The Artist


becoming Ever

Growing up in Connecticut, I was encouraged everyday to be myself, and had weird and amazing older siblings as role models. I learned to be unapologetic and it's helped me become the whimsical artist I am today.



As a queer non-binary photographer, I put inclusivity and diversity at the top of my priorities. I want people to feel important because of their differences and what they offer to the world as the person they are.


Me and my camera

I used to take photos of myself all the time in high school. I wanted a career in photography, but found fulfillment in other paths. Coming back to photography and discovering filmmaking has reconnected me to myself in a way I didn't realize I needed.


Interesting Fact

I'm an actor! Being a performer is the reason I felt pulled to making films and subsequently to photography. Our worlds are full of stories, real and imaginary. Let's tell them all.

ASpiration: Become the go-to Fantasy Event Videographer